Gus Bill, the Mural Master: A Vivid Protest Against the Killing of Palestinians

Gus Bill, the Mural Master: A Vivid Protest Against the Killing of Palestinians

Making Art to Show Outrage

Let’s explore the world of Brebes muralist Gus Bill, whose powerful art is a source of fierce protest against the ongoing genocide in Palestine.

The Great Mural Work

Imagine a huge painting with the Israeli flag’s watchful eyes and strong words like “Stop Genocide” and “Free Palestine.” Where do you want? As of Thursday (9/11/23), it was splashed all over the GOR Sasana Adhi Karsa property in Brebes.

Gus Bill, the artist who made the painting, wants to send a clear message. His message: it’s not just a war; it’s a massacre and destruction that Israel calls the “Genocide Monster.”

Across Religious Lines

This is what Gus Bill wants us to understand: the fight isn’t just about religion. It’s about how Palestine was colonized, how people were killed in horrible ways, and how basic human rights were taken away.

There is no war going on, he says confidently, because Israel is not treating the Palestinian people with full humanity. And then, what is happening is a crime against humanity.

Drawing attention to unfair attacks

Gus Bill doesn’t hold back when he talks about Israel’s attack on the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, which built with money from the people of Indonesia. This sends a strong message that these actions aren’t just hurting Palestine; they’re also being disrespectful to Indonesia and going against basic human rights.

Gus Bill says that the Indonesian government should complain about Israel in public. These acts aren’t just about Palestine; they’re also about the honor of the Indonesian people and the basic rules of humanity.

The Hospital as a Sign

The international law of war says that it is okay to use rockets to attack hospitals, which is something that Gus Bill brings up. From his point of view, this is something that puts the hospital’s role as a medical center at great risk. And then, he very worried about what will happen to Palestinians who sick or have attacked and kept from going to the hospital.

As Gus Bill sees it, it’s more than just paint on a wall; it’s a strong protest against the wrongs happening in Palestine and a call for everyone to pay attention to the humanitarian situation happening far away from us. And then, by this protest art, Gus Bill speaks for those who can’t heard. The words of these people blend together like the colors in the painting.